Nadia Ruiz

Native from Los Angeles, Nadia Ruiz is an educator, coach, and speaker aiming to make a change in her community by motivating and inspiring individuals of all backgrounds to achieve their goals. Nadia's fitness journey began when she stepped on the start line to her first marathon at the age of 14. Twenty-two years later, she has completed 145 marathons with 75 Boston Qualifiers, 100 half marathons, 16 full and half Ironmans, 16 ultra marathons, and several adventure races, frequently in the top of her age group or overall women. She has traveled the world to 27 countries exploring challenging events, cultures, and connecting with people around the world to now almost reaching 500 lifetime races. Graduating from UCLA with a Bachelor's in Biology, Master's in Education, and CA Biology Teacher's credential, she has taught, coached, and worked in event production for the past 15 years. In 2013, Nadia was named the Youngest Latina to Run 100 Marathons in the world.

What is your passion and why? 

My passions are to demonstrate that through our own struggle and dedicated process, anything can be possible even through setbacks, challenges, and distractions. It started since I was a child and I have learned that by being an example is the best method to propel the masses who are willing to change. 


What inspired you to start running/live an active lifestyle? 

Watching the Ironman World Championship on television while I was in middle school inspired me to believe what could be possible for the human body. The real stories of the cancer survivors, recovering from divorce, grieving a loss of a loved one, and more -- this is what inspired me, the real people doing real things while overcoming real struggle. 

What is your favorite song(s) to listen to while running/working out? 

I love upbeat music -- anything that allows me to tune out to my run. Electronic and techno music is usually my go to during a run. 


Goals for 2020-2021:  

• Demonstrate we can improve in our bodies in any decade of life — I may have 22 years of competition in my life, which means 22 years of wear and tear, however, my spirt remains hungry as ever to always aim to be the best I can be. That keeps us healthy mind, body, and spirit  
• Goal is to continue to maintain my health, fitness, and positivity through a difficult time, while I share a positive, proactive message to my community 
• I am training for my longest ultra-stage race this fall, I am aiming to enhance my skills in my expertise of coaching through credentialed programs, and targeting how to transition into the next phase of my life in the mountains