Jenny Nakamura

Jenny Nakamura has been a runner since age 6 when she ran her first 100 yard dash on a cinder track during her school's field day competition. Jenny ran track in grade school & high school, specializing in 400 meters and was a member of her high school's record 4x400 meter team. Jenny put running aside in college & then until she was in her early 30s when she started running to relieve stress. She had gotten to the point where she could run 7 miles without stopping when she tore her hamstring (not while running). After a lengthy 7 month recovery, Jenny started running with the Galloway team in Orlando through Track Shack. Jenny was picked as one of three runners to work with Jeff Galloway while training for her first half marathon, The Disney Princess Half in 2011. Jenny also ran the Disney Marathon in 2013 as her first marathon. Since that time she has run over 60 half marathons, over 30 marathons and has ventured into trail running where Jenny has run a number of 50k, 50 mile & 100k distance events. Jenny has lived around the country in Pennsylvania, Indiana, Florida, Arizona and now California. She also lived in Italy & studied at the Universita di Bologna. Jenny & her husband Sean, travel the US & world running races and searching for the most beautiful trails. 

What pushes you to be the best person you can be? 

 My husband, Sean, pushes me, he is the most mentally tough person I know and also one of the kindest. Also, just as in running, getting out of my comfort zone helps me to grow, to learn & continually evolve into my best self. 

What inspired you to start running/live an active lifestyle? 

I was going through a rough patch in my life, while working as a wedding planner & working 60+ hour weeks, and I needed a way to relieve stress. I started running again & I haven't looked back. 

What is your passion and why? 

Running truly is my passion, my entire life with my husband revolves around it. I am also passionate about traveling, meeting new people, experiencing new cultures & exploring new places. And lastly, food is definitely one of my passions. I have been vegan for almost 3 years now and I love visiting new places and trying new to me foods, it's truly amazing what you can do with plants. 


Goals for 2020-2021:  

• Boston Qualify 
• Run a 100 mile race 
• Run 1,500+ miles a year 
• Work on my mental game 
• Create a habit of incorporating strength training into my training