Edie Perkins

On the morning of April 20, 2017, Edie’s life changed forever. Edie was an avid -- and somewhat accomplished – runner and cyclist. She came in 25th in the 2005 Boston Marathon; finished the 2005 NYC Marathon with a time of 2:52; and for her honeymoon in 2010, she and her then-husband rode their bikes across the country. In May 2016, Edie moved from New York City to Los Angeles to pursue a new job opportunity and embrace the outdoor life that perfectly complements her passions: long-distance cycling and marathon running. Less than a year later, on that normal-seeming morning, she hopped on her bike for a training ride. Two miles in, she was struck by an SUV. The driver was momentarily blinded by the sun. Edie broke seven vertebrae in her neck and back and 11 ribs; her legs were torn up, her spine crushed. Edie is now paralyzed from the chest down. Not long after waking up and learning she would likely never walk again she knew she would compete again. Just four months after getting out of rehab, Edie raced her first half marathon in a handcycle. Since then, she has joined a national women’s paracycling team, placed second in the 2019 national criterium championships and raced two marathons: NYC and LA. 


Besides running, what other hobbies/activities do you like doing? 

Cooking, traveling, staying up-to-date on world events, exploring the outdoors, hanging out with friends, eating and drinking. 

Has your reason for running/living an active lifestyle changed over the years? If so, what is it now? 

It's evolved, but hasn't really changed. I've always had a passion for competing and pushing myself physically. That's always been there, but when I got into running it became more and more a part of my life. 


Advice to your younger self: 

Be curious, courageous and engage with the people around you. 


Goals for 2020-2021: 

Improve my fitness levels by 25% over last year (LT, VO2 max)